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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Recuperating in Ubud

A Balinesse music procession at Ubud

Made it to Satwa homestay at 4 am NZ time after a very long flight in which we swooned off a few times and the hostess threatened to report me to the Indonesian police for sitting in another vacant seat to let Christine lie down, although the ypunger air hostesses did a great job of keeping everyone cheerful.

Very hot when we arrived but our rental car guy was there waving a "Chris King" sign and we managed to get some money and pay him the correct amount in rupiahs. No visa swipe no deposit just US$65 for 5 days!

Then ensued a mad journey in the middle of the night with no map bigger than a postage stamp and mopeds everywhere beeping to try to get to Kuta and then the Losmen, which was up a side alley up a side ally in a fringe between Kuta and Legian, but managed by sixth sense to actually drive straight there with the jeep screaming with a loose fan belt (or something). I even picked the right alleyway to decide to turn off. No one knew where it was but we got right to the corner dairy where it was only meters away.

But then no one was awake so we had to break in and take a room which was like a sauna because the aircon remote wasn't working. After a difficult restless night we woke to find a nice place with a new remote a cooler room with children and babies and a big family and now are about to go and get pancakes.

Made it to Ubud during the day. Resting up overnight after a two hour journey with the most insane traffic jams I have ever seen. Indonesian corruption I'll be bound. The car is working okay though.

This morning feeling a bit queasy we head for the cool of the volcanic mountains and lakes and maybe the UN rice terraces.

Here we are bedraggled in the restaurant having lunch in Ubud.

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