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Friday, September 5, 2014

Asia 2014 moves to

Since returning from Asia I have decided to move the entire Tangential Asia 2014 blog to my own website at All the other previous blogs remain on Blogspot and can be accessed from the menu on the right of this page.

Here is the link to the index  page:

I have done this largely because I discovered that blogspot is all but inaccessible in China, at least on all the wireless networks I accessed, because it exclusively uses https, which the Chinese government seems to be intentionally blocking, or slowing to unusable speeds. This means that, in addition to my not being able to access Blogspot, Google search or my own Gmail account from inside China, the entries on China would not be able to be accessed from within China, making it impossible for people we met there to see what we wrote about them. Both the Chinese government and Google need to sort out their relationship in a more transparent manner.

It also gives me free reign overtime to include images in a free form way without having to stick to the blogspot protocol or do low-level html edits to stopgap.

Here are each of the chapter sections as separate links:

Tangential Asia 2014
Bali First Visit 2014